Collaborating Center for Prison Health Education (CCPHE)

Collaborating Center for Prison Health Education (CCPHE)

Areas of Interest:

• Prison Health

• Aboriginal Health

• Access and Resources to Health Care

• Addictions

• Women’s Health Inequity


CCPHE is conducting preventive health research in order to promote and improve holistic and preventative health practices of incarcerated individuals in the areas of mental health and addictions, cancer, and blood-borne diseases. CCPHE also runs a prison health advocacy elective for family practice residents and medical students.

Opportunities for Involvement:

The Prison Health Advocacy elective is open to medical students and residents. Research opportunities with the preventive health projects may become available. For information on the Preventative Health projects, contact Renee Turner ( For information on the elective or general inquiries, contact Ben Fussell (

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