About Us

Who we are:

The Social Medicine Network of British Columbia is an initiative that brings together an interdisciplinary group of health care providers, trainees, and community members and organizations to work together and enhance the understanding of a broad range of social factors affecting health and wellbeing. It is founded on principles of Social Medicine such as social justice and human dignity (see “What is Social Medicine?“). This network initiative works to unite citizens toward improving health outcomes and reducing health inequities in BC communities.

Through this website, the SMBC Network aims to provide information on opportunities to understand the broad range of social factors affecting health across British Columbia in form of working with Community Organizations, elective opportunities for trainees, or working with individuals doing research or leading initiatives – the Explore section of the website contains brief profiles of these opportunites. Additionally, this website also features a calendar of events in community and a section for discussing current topics.

Through this network, we hope that ideas and conversations will be crowd sourced and developed into action as individuals connect with one another and share ideas; the website can be a starting point for this.


How to Join the SMBC Network?

Please see “Join the Nework” section for details

We hope you will find in this network your place to grow and make the world a better place, one step at a time!