Micheal Krausz (Mental Health)

Michael Krausz

Current Roles:
Health Professional – Dr. Krausz has worked as a psychiatrist for over 30 years, and is heavily involved in trauma care and treatment.

Professor – Dr. Krauz is cross-appointed to the University’s Department of Psychiatry and School of Population and Public Health.

Researcher – Dr. Krausz is the University of British Columbia (UBC) Leading Edge Endowment Funds (LEEF) Chair for Addiction Research,


In line with the belief that care for mental illness should consist of both treatment and early intervention, Dr Krausz has expanded his expertise to include e-mental health innovations. Furthering his commitment to both the promotion of mental wellness and pushing the boundaries of standard practice, Dr. Krausz recently teamed up with Bell’s Let’s Talk to create waklalong.ca. WalkAlong is a community-based mental wellness portal where young Canadians can explore their mental health amongst their peers. Dr. Krausz and the WalkAlong team have developed a site where youth can find support and empowerment through opportunities to record and share their experiences in a safe space with easy access to web-based resources.

Dr. Krausz has proven to be a tireless advocate for those with concurrent disorders and the disenfranchised throughout his career as a clinician and an academic. Upon moving to Vancouver, Dr Krausz has continued his support for vulnerable urban populations as the medical director for the Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction and his involvement in the Regional Program for Complex Concurrent Disorders. Now, as a resident of Vancouver for close to a decade, it is clear that Dr Krausz’ efforts have unequivocally benefitted Vancouver’s most vulnerable residents.


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