Health and Under-Housing Champions of the Field

Anita Palepu (Health and Underhousing)

Anita Palepu

Current Roles:
Internal Medicine specialist, St. Paul’s Hospital

Program Director for the General Internal Medicine Fellowship Program, University of British Columbia

Researcher – Dr. Palepu is a researcher at the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences at St. Paul’s Hospital. Her research interests include: urban health, substance use, harm reduction, addiction treatment, social determinants of health such as housing and homelessness, and quality of life


Dr. Palepu is the Vancouver site’s Principal Investigator for the CIHR-funded Health and Housing in Transition Study, which is a longitudinal study of homeless and vulnerably housed persons in Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto. Her research longitudinally follows 200 homeless and 200 vulnerably housed persons to assess housing transitions and its impact on physical and mental health, substance use, and quality of life.

Dr. Palepu’s other areas of interest are: Addictions Health, Access and Resources to Health care, and Health Education and Advocacy.

Get involved – Dr. Palepu is interested in connecting with students, practitioners, and members of the community to provide mentorship, opportunities in advocacy work, research, academic conversations, idea generation, and knowledge translation. She invites all the relationships that may come from the Social Medicine Network and is excited to see what develops.

Telephone: 604-682-2344 ext 63194

Micheal Krausz (Health and Underhousing)

Michael Krausz

Current Roles:
Health Professional – Dr. Krausz has worked as a psychiatrist for over 30 years, and is heavily involved in trauma care and treatment.

Professor – Dr. Krauz is cross-appointed to the University’s Department of Psychiatry and School of Population and Public Health.

Researcher – Dr. Krausz is the University of British Columbia (UBC) Leading Edge Endowment Funds (LEEF) Chair for Addiction Research,


Dr. Krausz currently works with housing-insecure populations such as in the British Columbia Health of the Homeless Survey, looking at mental illness in 500 homeless individuals, and as Co-Prinicipal investigator on the AtHome/ChezSoi multi-site study on effective housing and support for homeless and mentally ill individuals. The AtHome study was designed to test the impact of a housing first approach to homelessness on social supports, the health care system and the criminal justice system provides robust longitudinal data on physical and mental health outcomes as well as a costing component. Dr Krausz was Co-Principal investigator for the Vancouver site, where 497 Vancouverites were studied within a larger Canadian sample consisting of homeless in Winnipeg, Toronto, Moncton and Montreal (n=2255.) When national AtHome funding ended in 2013, Dr. Krausz led the Vancouver team in securing funding for a Vancouver-specific follow-up.